Hiking & Camping

Winnipesaukee mooseIn the Lake Winnipesaukee region of New Hampshire, the chances to get out and enjoy nature are endless. Each season has unique opportunities to explore and try new outdoor sports. The area is perfect for boating, skiing, hiking, and more. Hiking and camping are a great way to take in the area’s natural beauty.

The mountains around Lake Winnipesaukee are a wonderland for nature enthusiasts. The absence of any poisonous snakes or dangerous spiders makes playing outside even safer. Beginning hikers may enjoy walking the loop at Lockes Hill. The trail passes some stunning vistas that make great places to stop and take a rest. Those looking for more of a challenge will enjoy Belknap Mountain. It climbs 740 feet in only a mile and a half, but the views at the end make it all worthwhile.

Many of the 240 islands on the lake have even more hiking trails. Some islands are linked to the mainland with public transportation, but most require a private boat to visit. It is a great experience to explore an island knowing that no one else is on that particular piece of earth.

A few of the islands host summer camps for children, but one special island, Three Mile Island, has a camp for all ages. Families and friends have been visiting the camp for generations to relax, fish, and just enjoy each other’s company. A dedicated group of volunteers work hard to manage and maintain the camp. They are always looking for help, and the public is invited to help with maintenance events. The events are a lot of fun and a great place to meet people and make new friends.

The lake is also home to many conventional campgrounds on the islands and the mainland. People who are looking for a little more seclusion can hike in to backcountry sites on some trails or make arrangements to stay on a private island for a few days.

No matter what your skill level or preference, there is something for everyone at the lake, and it is all just right outside your door. At Lake Winnipesaukee, there is no reason not to get outside… especially when you might see a moose!

Photo credit: “moose_1” by brewrat is licensed under CC BY 2.0